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Presented here is a database of influential women who are affiliated in some way with Idaho. By default, the entries are presented chronologically by the order in which they were submitted. Would you like to submit a new woman to the database? Please navigate to the submit page.

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Velma V. Morrison
08/01/1920 - 06/20/2013
Tipton, CA - Rancho Mirage, CA

Known nationally as a patron of the arts and philanthropist, Velma grew up during the Great Depression, was a "Rosie Riveter" welding ships during World War II, and opened her own restaurant. Velma and her husband founded the Velma V. Morrison Center for the Performing Arts at Boise State University.

Resources: The Bluebird Will Sing Tomorrow: Memoirs of Velma V. Morrison, Kitty Delorey Fleishchnab.
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Contributed by: Mike Bullard

Dr. Minnie Frances Howard
08/12/1872 - 1965
Memphis, MO - ?

Legendary across the state in the early 1900s, Minnie was a graduate of Kansas University with post graduate studies in New York, Vienna, and Chicago. She began her 20 year medical practice in 1903 in Pocatello, ID. As an advocate for Fort Hall she wrote several articles for Idaho newspapers, and her philanthropy in arts and history resulted in the Carnegie Library in Pocatello.

Resources: ISU Special Collections, MC001.
Dr. Minnie Frances Hayden Howard - NLM
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Contributed by: Mike Bullard

Margaret Cobb Ailshie
03/27/1883 - 08/26/1959
Chicago, IL - Boise, ID

Margaret Ailshie was the first female publisher for the Idaho Statesman from 1928-1959, following in the footsteps of her father, who purchased the Statesman in the late 1880s. Under her leadership, the newspaper began publishing an evening paper and expanded its circulation significantly. In addition to her time at the Statesman, Margaret travelled abroad to serve as a member of the Red Cross during World War I and supported many Boise projects including the Julia Davis Park pioneer village and the cosntruction of Bronco Stadium.

Resources: Margaret Cobb Ailshie - Wikipedia
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Contributed by: Shonda Reynolds