Journal of Rangeland Applications

The Journal of Rangeland Applications (ISSN: 2331-5512) is devoted to bridging the gap between scientific research and the application of science needed to make wise land management decisions. This journal provides syntheses of published research on the biophysical, ecological, social, and economic aspects of rangelands management and conservation.  Articles seek relevance to both scholars and practitioners.

Vol 3 (2016)

Allison Jones, John G. Carter
Kirk Davies, Amanda Gearhart, Martin Vavra, Brad Shultz, Neil Rimbey

Vol 2 (2015)

Sherm Roger Swanson, Sandra Wyman, Carol Evans

Vol 1 (2014)

L. Allen Torell, Neil R. Rimbey, John A. Tanaka, David T. Taylor, J.D. Wulfhorst
Kirk W. Davies, Martin Vavra, Brad W. Schultz, Neil R. Rimbey
Eva K. Strand, Karen L. Launchbaugh, Ryan F. Limb, L. Allen Torell
Chad S. Boyd, Jeffrey L. Beck, John A. Tanaka