Journal History

The Journal of Rangeland Applications was created in 2013 by a group of rangeland researchers and managers who realized the value of synthesizing existing published information about rangeland ecology and management.  The initial effort was fueled by the Owyhee Initiative ( in Idaho, which spearheaded the creation of a series of science guides aimed at providing scientific information to land managers.


The University of Idaho Library and Rangeland Center created the initial template for the Journal of Rangeland Applications. The guiding principles of the journal were drafted by a design team including professionals active in the research and application of rangeland ecology. This design team included:


  • Karen Launchbaugh – University of Idaho
  • Tony Svejcar – Agricultural Research Service
  • John Tanaka – University of Wyoming

Cooperative Extension:

  • Brad Schultz – Extension University of Nevada
  • Megan Clayton – Texas A&M University Extension

Agency Land Manager:

  • John Rademacher  - Oregon Bureau of Land Management

Conservation and Policy Maker:

  • Bob Budd – Wyoming Wildlife and Natural Resource Trust


  • John O’Keefe – Oregon Cattleman

Librarian and Information Specialists:

  • Lovina Roselle – University of Idaho
  • Jeremy Kenyon – University of Idaho Library
  • Devin Becker – University of Idaho Library
  • Annie Gaines – University of Idaho Library